Dec 222015

Brewed Dec 22nd 2015

I made this from a recipe for Fuller’s London Pride in Dave Line’s book ‘Brewing beers like those you buy’, for the ‘Ordinary Bitter’ category of the January Scottish Craft Brewers competition. That, and I wanted to make a good lowish ABV bitter to have on tap. It came out at 4.2% and I kegged most of it.

I squeezed it in just before leaving to go on holiday to California for Christmas, and left it fermenting till I got back in early January. It was probably a bit young for the comp, at only about 3 weeks in the bottle, and it did not score highly, though at a subsequent tasting a few weeks later one of the judges thought it was pretty good.

Come June 2016, it is still pouring nicely, and I really like it. I’d happily make it again.

August 2016: all gone! Need to brew again to refill the keg…

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