Oct 122016

A bit over 3 weeks ago (18th Sept) I brewed my second attempt at an approximation of one of my favourite beers; Beavertown’s Black Betty, a 7.2 roasty, hoppy, black IPA. My first attempt was made almost a year to the day ago, and I called it Broonhilda. It was good, but not as roasty, and at 6.7%, not as strong either. This time I wanted to see if I could get closer, so I tweaked the hops a bit to add some Columbus (which BB has), upped the strength, and added the black Carrafa III malt for the whole mash instead of a cold steep added at the end, to give more a more roasty flavour.

It has finished fermenting at about 1.012, giving it an ABV of about 8.2%. A bit high this time! I added 120g of dry hops yesterday, so it’s going to be another hop bomb! Bottling day on Saturday, in 330ml bottles given its strength.

Full recipe and logs here.


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