Dec 162016

Last weekend I made a batch of English IPA (yet to be named), the first I’ve made for a long time. The style I am aiming for is for a reasonably full bodied beer, about 6%, with lots of floral, spicy English hops, some citrus, good bitterness, and a really nice malty finish. When looking for ideas for a good recipe, I came across a forum post which described one that has won numerous prestigious awards in the US, so that seemed a good place to start. It uses pure East Kent Goldings hops throughout the boil, but it diverges from a traditional English IPA in the use of Chinook hops at the dry hopping stage, which is a more citrussy hop. When I made it, I changed the amber malt to Vienna, and the yeast to dry Safale S-04, as that’s what I could get locally at short notice. My final recipe can be found here.

Fermentation went like a rocket, going from 18C to 21C purely from the exothermic reaction of the fermentation process, and it was finished within 4 days. I took a sample and it tasted great- really flowery hops and plenty bitterness, a bit of sweetness (it finished at 1.013, 6%) and a lovely malty-bitter finish. This was before adding the Chinook, so I actually bottled 4 x 500ml bottles directly before adding the dry hops in a bag, so I can compare the two variants later. I’ll leave it about 4-5 days for the dry hops to soak,  and then bottle it all. It will be ready to drink early to mid January, ready for the Scottish Craft Brewing competition at the end of the month. I’m really looking forward to tasting this when it is ready!

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