Dec 312016

Yesterday was a double bottling day, and today I finished the labelling. It took me a while to put together the Pilsner label, but I’m quite pleased with it.


English IPA and Pilsner bottled and labelled. The IPA is already tasting really nice- good and malty with lots of floral Goldings hops, and dry hopped with Chinook. It will be ready mid January.

The Pilsner will take a while to condition before I can make a judgement, but it certainly tastes like a decent lager, albeit with discernible sweetcorny notes indicating some DMS present. This is often present in Czech and other lagers as part of their character, as the pale lager malt has a lot more of the precursors to DMS in it than ale malt, and some people are more sensitive to it than others. I’m personally not too keen on it, so I’m hoping it will be less noticeable when it is well conditioned, carbonated , and chilled.


Beer shelves

The new beer shelf is filling up nicely!

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