Broonhilda v2



My second version of my Beavertown Black Betty clone. It ended up at 8.3%, so almost 1% stronger than the original. Initial tasting is very promising: lots of juicy fruity hops, good amount of roastiness (that was lacking a bit last time), and fairly high bitterness that will mellow somewhat over the next few weeks. I bottled it in 330ml bottles due to its strength.

With 120g of dry hops alone, and 350g in total, this is monster hop-bomb, but the malt, roastiness and alcohol support this well.

Broonhilda 2

23/10: This has now conditioned and is drinking beautifully, with the initial slight harshness already integrating nicely. Yum!

29/11: This has been getting high praise from several professional brewers at tastings, as well as fellow enthusiasts, so I must be getting something right!

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