Punky Monkey


My first brew of 2017. I was going to make another batch of Hoppity Hip, but wanted to make something a bit different. This is lighter in colour, with only 100g of Crystal malt, and some carapils and vienna instead. Quite dry and ‘only’ 6%, there is more hops with 90g in the dry hop stage alone, as well as 6 different types. On tasting a freshly bottled and force carbonated sample, it was deliciously fresh, with lots of citrus, tropical fruit and slightly earthy (from the Ahtanum). It should be pretty tasty, though best drunk fresh. It reminded me of Brewdog Born to Die, but not as strong. This was deliberate, as want a beer I can drink on a week night, not join my increasing stockpile of crazy-strong beers I never quite feel in the mood for!

More details on the recipe etc.

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