Hoppity Hip


Hoppity Hip is my most successful brew, and one of my own favourites. It won the Southern Bar competition in 2015, and as a prize I brewed a 100L batch at Stewart Brewing whcih was sold in the Southern Bar in keg and cask. It also won the American pale ale section in the 2016 Scottish Craft Brewers annual competition, and second overall, and several informal popular votes at tastings. I make it around 4 times a year, or whenever I run low.

It is a strongish (6.6%) mid-amber ale with good body, and a really nice balance of maltiness and tropical fruity hops (Citra and Simcoe) in generous, but not overwhelming amounts. It has just the right amount of bitterness, i.e. not the mouth-puckering bitterness so many APA often have. It is very drinkable!

April 2016 version of Hoppity Hip

April 2016 version of Hoppity Hip. This is drinking really well (May). It is remarkable how much more fresh hoppy flavour and aroma there is compared to the last few bottles of the January batch.

My August 2016 batch is now bottled, and will be ready to drink around the 20th Aug.

My Nov 2016 batch is now bottled and will be ready to drink around the 10th Dec.

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